We provide reliable and professional service in each step of the recruitmentprocess with our more than five years experience in the field of international recruitment.

Technical Requirements Validation

Conduct of a technical assessment meeting with our specialist for more detailed information on the type of skills, experience and personal profile of the temporary foreign worker you require.

Trade Test Protocol

Identification of the kind of tests (theoretical or practical or both), the equipment and materials to use during testing as well as the procedures and the criteria for selection.

Qualified Candidates Pooling

Use of our international recruitment media, which include our network from related industries in addition to the traditional means of tapping available manpower.

Trade Test Pre-qualification

Validation of the representations made by candidates in terms of skills and experience through an initial meeting for interview and skills testing.

Recruitment Mission Coordination

Logistical preparation for the conduct of the actual trade test of the candidates by your company’s technical representative(s) at the country of origin.

Conduct of Recruitment Mission

Execution of the pre-agreed test protocol in verifying candidate’s competence, the documentation of the test results and access to additional evaluation tools such as test specimen examination, psychological test, and language evaluation.

Worker Selection Advisory

Review of the test results and, if needed, design of specific training programs to improve the worker┬╣s skills through our fully equipped training centre.

Hiring Documentation

Preparation of required documentation for the hiring process, which include the employment contract and application for government authorization.

Government Authorization Processing (Canada and abroad)

Obtaining required government authorization to ensure compliance with existing rules and regulations in both the country of origin and Canada.

Worker Relocation

Welcoming the workers in Canada and securing the documents necessary to complete the hiring process for their first day of work.

Worker Integration

Periodic monitoring of and assistance in workers┬╣ performance at the workplace and their integration with the community.

Worker Training and Certification

Maximizing worker potential through customized training on or certification program in ASME, API, AWS, EN, and CSA standards.