Worker Bulletin

We are happy to announce the beginning of the immigration process of most of the workers we have placed in Canada.

The temporary mandate has been a fruitful experience for both the workers and the companies they serve. The Skilled Worker Immigration Program of Canada allows both to continue building the future while achieving their respective objectives along the way. Probe your chances in becoming one of our success stories by being part of our candidate pool.

Employer Bulletin

For more than 5 years now, GLS Mequaltech has assisted employers to achieve stable and continuous productivity through mandates given to foreign workers who address their lack of manpower. Foreign workers bring in experience not easily found in Canada. Recruitment of the same, however, requires investment in time and resource albeit for a good return with mandate extensions or permanent hiring offered to the workers we place.

As an alternative human resources solution, GLS Mequaltech has begun investing in the prepping of local welders to meet higher standards that employers have to meet in the service of their clients. The goal is to compensate for experience found normally in seasoned workers through training programs that bring workers to their full potential. Inquire on this service and benefit from able and readily available manpower resource.